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  • 【SDGsで学ぶ英語】Animal rights activists protest octopus farm plans in Spain 「タコ養殖場建設計画」にスペインの活動家が抗議

【SDGsで学ぶ英語】Animal rights activists protest octopus farm plans in Spain 「タコ養殖場建設計画」にスペインの活動家が抗議

更新日 2023.07.11
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 食材としてのタコの需要が世界的に高まるなか、スペインのカナリア諸島にタコ養殖場を建設する計画が立案されています。タコは単独で行動することで知られているため、動物の福祉を唱える活動家からは「トラをおりの中で多頭飼育するようなものだ」と抗議の声が上がっています。(Asahi Weekly : Sunday, June 4, 2023)

朝日新聞社が発行する週刊英和新聞「Asahi Weekly」からSDGsに関連する記事を掲載しています。(一覧に戻る)

 MADRID (AP) — Animal rights activists gathered May 21 in Madrid to protest plans for the construction of an octopus farm in Spain, saying there are no respective laws in the country and the European Union to guarantee the welfare of the creatures in captivity.

 The proposed farm, which aims to breed octopuses on a large scale in captivity, is scheduled to be built next year in the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean.

 A few dozen people showed up to express their concerns regarding a project that plans to confine 3 million octopuses in pools, despite these creatures being solitary predators in their natural habitat.

 "It is similar to imprisoning tigers together. They will prey on one another and will also attempt to escape due to their high intelligence and adeptness," said Jaime Posada, a spokesperson for the protest called by various animal welfare organizations.

 Octopuses grown in captivity will behave differently from those in the wild, said Nova Pescanova, the seafood company promoting this farm. Since 2018, the company has run a pilot project in a research facility in northern Spain, where they have succeeded in breeding five captivity-born generations of the cephalopod.

 Since the demand for octopus consumption has been on the rise, farming octopuses is being regarded as a first step toward ensuring sustainable food production.

 Recently, global demand for this delicacy has expanded, with countries like the United States witnessing a 23 percent increase in imports and China experiencing a 73 percent surge between 2016 and 2018, according to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.


  • Animal…activist(s) (見出しから)動物愛護活動家
  • respective      個別の
  • in captivity      人間に飼育されて
  • breed        ~を養殖する
  • archipelago     群島
  • confine       ~を閉じ込める
  • solitary predator(s) 孤独な捕食生物
  • habitat        生息地
  • imprison(ing)    ~を閉じ込める
  • prey…another    共食いする
  • adeptness      巧みな行動
  • pilot project     試験的計画
  • cephalopod    頭足類。ここではタコのこと

朝日新聞社が発行する週刊英和新聞「Asahi Weekly」(朝日ウイークリー)は日本語ナビ付きで、初級者でも楽しみながら英語に慣れ親しむことができるオールカラーの新聞です。


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朝日新聞社が発行する週刊英和新聞「Asahi Weekly」からSDGsに関連する記事を掲載しています。(一覧に戻る)

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  • 【SDGsで学ぶ英語】Animal rights activists protest octopus farm plans in Spain 「タコ養殖場建設計画」にスペインの活動家が抗議


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