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  • 【SDGsで学ぶ英語】U.S. hate crimes surge 11.6%, fueled by racial, ethnic bias 米国で憎悪犯罪が多発 21 年は 11.6%増加 FBI報告

【SDGsで学ぶ英語】U.S. hate crimes surge 11.6%, fueled by racial, ethnic bias 米国で憎悪犯罪が多発 21 年は 11.6%増加 FBI報告

更新日 2023.04.19

=2021年3月、米ワシントン州・ニューカッスル Reuters file photo

 2021年に米国で発生したヘイトクライム(偏見や差別などが原因で起こる犯罪)が、前年から11.6パーセント増え、9065件だったことが米連邦捜査局(FBI)の最新のデータで明らかになりました。そのうち人種や民族的な要因で狙われた被害者は6割強で、性的指向が原因の事件は15.9パーセント、宗教的な偏見が14.1パーセントでした。(Asahi Weekly : Sunday, March 26, 2023)

朝日新聞社が発行する週刊英和新聞「Asahi Weekly」からSDGsに関連する記事を掲載しています。(一覧に戻る)

 WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Hate crimes in the United States surged 11.6 percent in 2021, with the largest number motivated by bias against Black people, followed by crimes targeting victims for ethnicity, sexuality and religion, the FBI said in a report released March 13.

 The FBI said the number of reported hate crime incidents rose to 9,065 in 2021 from 8,120 in 2020.

 The bureau said 64.5 percent of hate crime victims in 2021 were targeted because of their race, ethnicity or ancestry bias, while 15.9 percent were targeted because of sexual orientation and 14.1 percent due to religion.

 The largest number, some 2,233 incidents, were motivated by anti-African American bias, the report found.

 Of the religion-based hate crimes in 2021 cited in the report, a little more than half targeted Jewish people.

 Some 948 of the reported crimes were motivated by anti-white bias, while there were 543 incidents targeting gay males and another 415 incidents involving members of the broader LGBTQ community.

 Bias against Hispanics totaled 433 incidents, while the FBI reported 305 such incidents targeting Asians.

 Attorney General Merrick Garland has made enforcement against hate crimes a top priority for the Justice Department.

 "Hate crimes and the devastation they cause communities have no place in this country. The Justice Department is committed to every tool and resource at our disposal to combat bias-motivated violence in all its forms," Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta said.

 Jonathan Greenblatt, chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League, said the report confirms that hate crimes reached "record high levels" in 2021.


  • surge      (見出しから)急上昇した
  • (be) fueled by (見出しから)~が動機になった
  • ethnicity    民族性
  • ancestry    先祖、祖先
  • LGBTQ     性的少数者。lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer またはquestioning の略
  • Attorney General 司法長官
  • enforcement  (法の)執行
  • Justice Department 司法省
  • devastation   荒廃(状態)
  • every…disposa  利用できるあらゆる手段と方策
  • Associate…General 司法次官
  • Anti-Defamation League 名誉毀損(きそん)防止同盟。反ユダヤ主義と合法的に対決することを目的としている

朝日新聞社が発行する週刊英和新聞「Asahi Weekly」(朝日ウイークリー)は日本語ナビ付きで、初級者でも楽しみながら英語に慣れ親しむことができるオールカラーの新聞です。


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朝日新聞社が発行する週刊英和新聞「Asahi Weekly」からSDGsに関連する記事を掲載しています。(一覧に戻る)

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  • 【SDGsで学ぶ英語】U.S. hate crimes surge 11.6%, fueled by racial, ethnic bias 米国で憎悪犯罪が多発 21 年は 11.6%増加 FBI報告


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