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  • 【SDGsで学ぶ英語】Record migration spurs historic rise in Canada's population カナダ、2022年の人口増加幅、建国以来過去最高に 大半が移民

【SDGsで学ぶ英語】Record migration spurs historic rise in Canada's population カナダ、2022年の人口増加幅、建国以来過去最高に 大半が移民

更新日 2023.05.17

=3月25日、ニューヨーク・シャンプレーン Reuters file photo

 カナダの昨年の人口が過去最多となる105万人の増加を記録したことが分かりました。このうち9割超は労働人口不足を補うために海外から受け入れた移民や就労者が占め、このペースで増加が続けば、人口は今後26年間で現在の2倍に達することが指摘されました。(Asahi Weekly : Sunday, April 9, 2023)

朝日新聞社が発行する週刊英和新聞「Asahi Weekly」からSDGsに関連する記事を掲載しています。(一覧に戻る)

 OTTAWA (Reuters) — Canada's population increased by more than a million people for the first time in history in 2022, almost entirely due to a surge in immigrants and temporary residents, Statistics Canada said March 22.

 Total population grew by a record 1.05 million people to 39.57 million in the 12 months to Jan. 1, 2023, and about 96 percent of the rise was due to international migration, the statistics agency said.

 The increase, which helped Canada retain its position as the fastest growing Group of Seven country, translates to a population growth rate of 2.7 percent and such a rate would lead to the population doubling in about 26 years, the agency said.

 Canada depends on immigration to drive its economy and support an aging population, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government sharply ramped up immigration since taking power in 2015.

 Ottawa has also been running special schemes to temporarily take in people impacted by crises like the Ukraine war, instability in Afghanistan or the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

 In 2022, Canada welcomed 437,180 immigrants and the number of nonpermanent residents increased by a net 607,782 people. Both figures are highest levels on record and reflect "higher immigration targets and a record-breaking year for the processing of immigration applications," Statscan said.

 The agency counts both permanent and nonpermanent residents in addition to net new births in calculating population figures. Canada has been experiencing an upward trend in total employment since September, and the statistics agency has previously said that nonpermanent residents are a notable contributor to that gain.


  • migration    (見出しから)移住
  • spur(s)    (見出しから)~に拍車をかける
  • due…in    ~の急増のおかげで
  • Statistics Canada カナダ統計局。後出の Statscan も同義
  • translate(s) to    ~につながる
  • Liberal government 自由党が率いる政府
  • ramp(ed) up    ~を増加させた
  • instability    政情不安
  • nonpermanent resident(s)   非永住者
  • net new birth(s)   新生児の純増
  • notable contributor 顕著な一因

朝日新聞社が発行する週刊英和新聞「Asahi Weekly」(朝日ウイークリー)は日本語ナビ付きで、初級者でも楽しみながら英語に慣れ親しむことができるオールカラーの新聞です。


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朝日新聞社が発行する週刊英和新聞「Asahi Weekly」からSDGsに関連する記事を掲載しています。(一覧に戻る)

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  • 【SDGsで学ぶ英語】Record migration spurs historic rise in Canada's population カナダ、2022年の人口増加幅、建国以来過去最高に 大半が移民


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